Ólafsvík, Port Live Cam, Iceland

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Ólafsvík is located in the extreme West of Iceland, on the coast of the Atlantic ocean, in the region famous regions like Vesturland. The city is located on the snæfellsnes Peninsula, on the shores of the Crescent-shaped Bay, very convenient for fishing. Above the city rises the volcano Olavsvern (height of 415 metres South-West of Olafsvik lies the volcano Snæfellsjökull (1446 meters).

The first town of Ólafsvík in Iceland, in the seventeenth century, was granted the right to trade, which made it an important trading center of the country, which it remained until the late nineteenth century. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries between the port Olafsvik and Western Europe maintained regular Maritime traffic. In the 60 years of the twentieth century, the water area of the port was greatly deepened.

In 1887 in Ólafsvík Iceland opens first public school. In the modern Church, consecrated in 1967 and made in the form of fish, there is the altarpiece, the work of 1710, the Church Windows made by the artist, Gerdur Helgadottir.

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