Obihiro Live Cam, Japan

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Obihiro – city in Japan, located in the district governor of Hokkaido Tokachi.

The city is located on the island of Hokkaido. With him Memur border villages, makubetsu, otofuke, niikappu, biratori, Hidaka and villages Sarabetsu, nakasatsunai.

Tree of the city is the Betula platyphylla, flower – Kamchatka fritillary, birds – skylark.

Obihiro is famous for the unique style of horse racing that takes place at the city’s horse racetrack. Hokkaido farmers in the 1900s had tug-of-war contests between their work horses to judge their strength and value.

This gradually became a more formalized event and eventually became the racing we know today as Ban’ei horse racing. Rather than an oblong track, which most people think of when talking about horse racing, Obihiro’s ban’ei track is a straight 200 m run with two hills. Large and powerful draft horses pull sleds that can weigh more than a ton while their rider whips them hard to make them go faster.

The track and facilities were renovated in 2007 due to major efforts by the city government to increase the popularity of the races. One unique aspect of the track is that spectators can walk alongside the track as the horses struggle towards the finish line. Starting in 2006, the City of Obihiro has poured money into reviving this sport and considers it a part of the city’s traditional culture.

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