Nordfjord Live Cam, Norway

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The nordfjord is located between the Sognefjord and the Geirangerfjord, 110 km North-East of Bergen. Fjord region stretches from glacier Jostedalsbreen in the East to the ocean on the West. Here you can feel the contrast between the ocean, fjords, lakes, glaciers and mountains.

Here is the national Park Jostedalsbreen where you can see the largest glacier in Europe. The landscape of the Park is a lush valleys, Alpine mountains and an Arctic climate.

Nord-Fjord, along with the Sognefjord in the South and Stord fjord in the North — one of the three major fjords of Central Norway, County Sogn og Fjordane. The maximum depth of 565 m, maximum width is about 5 km. the Fjord has a great touristic potential, in particular due to the fact that it provides easy access to several languages of the Jostedalsbreen glacier, the largest glacier in continental Europe. Along the fjord there is a highway starting from Stryn, bypasses the fjord, and then for Barcelo disappearing into the tunnel under the Jostedalsbreen glacier. Stryn is also connected via the pass road from highway Lom-Geiranger.

On the fjord there are two ferry lines, both across the fjord and both the West of Stryn: Lote — Anda, on the European route E39 and Storheim — Isan. One of the arms at the mouth of the fjord ferry line crosses the Malay — Oldeide linking the island of Bremanger from continental Norway.

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