Niechorze Live Cam Poland – View from the Lighthouse

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Niechorze is a small resort town in Poland located by the Baltic sea.

Poland is a country in Eastern Europe. On the North by the Baltic sea, it shares borders with Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia.

The North is the longest hill of the Baltic ridge and the extensive coastal lowlands with a large number of glacial lakes, South-West to the mountains of the Sudetenland, the southern part of the country surround the Carpathians and Tatras, the Beskids and Bieszczady mountains.

The highest point – town of Rysy (2499 m) in the Tatras. The Central part of Poland is flat, dissected by numerous rivers and reservoirs, and richly overgrown with forest. The Baltic coast occupied by dunes covered beaches, numerous coves and lakes.

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