Nevelsk Live Cam, Russia – Central square

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Nevelsk – city and port in the Far East of Russia, the administrative center Nevelsky urban district of the Sakhalin area. Located on the southwest coast of Sakhalin Island, on the Gulf coast of the Tatar Strait Nevelsky the Sea of Japan, 127 km from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. It is one of the most avalanche cities in Russia.

Due to the influence of the warm Tsushima Current for the city, as well as the entire south-western coast of Sakhalin, characterized relatively long frost-free period extending from 5.5 to 7 months, as well as much more mild winter than at similar latitudes in Primorye, comparable on the thermal regime of the southern subzone of Central Russia, but without it the extreme cold.

In XVIII-XIX century on the site of Nevelsk located Ainu settlement Ponto-Casey, which means “on the edge of the lake,” and Turumay. The Japanese name of the city – Honto – Comes from the Ponto-Ainu Casey. In 1789 there were Russian explorers.

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