Nakhodka Live Cam, Russia – Central square

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Nakhodka – a city in the Russian Primorsky Territory. Located on the shores of the Gulf of Nakhodka Sea of ​​Japan, 171 km south-east of Vladivostok, the southernmost city in the east of Russia.

The administrative part of the Nakhodka city district. The city stretches for 20 km along the Bay of Nakhodka – from the mouth of the river to Cape Astafieva Partisan – and covers an area of ​​Hard Peninsula, surrounded on three sides by the sea.

Nakhodka – the southernmost city in the east of Russia; he south of Vladivostok and Sochi. The northern part of the city situated in the valley of Suchan, central and southern parts spread on the hills. The highest point on the peninsula – Mount Cross, 376 meters along the main avenue of the river Kamenka.. In the city there are Salt Lake, Swan, Riza.

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