Nago Torbole, via Matteotti Live Cam, Italy

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Torbole (or, to be precise, Nago-Torbole) is a tiny resort perched on the shores of one of the most picturesque Italian lakes, Garda. Despite its size and the number of residents with difficulty with 2,500 people, in the summer the city becomes extremely popular place among travelers. Especially among fans of Windsurfing and kiting. Good wind and good waves — that’s a simple explanation. But not a single water element is famous for Torbole. Even here, a great climate, constant almost all year round, fantastic Alpine scenery, and the amazing quality of air, through which it is breathed easily even suffering from lung diseases.

The double name of the resort is no coincidence. Torbole is a charming fishing village, which is now an elegant resort on the lake with all the benefits of civilization: expensive hotels, cosy pensions, fish restaurants and breathtaking views of the Garda. Naga, located 200 meters above on a hill above Torbole — native settlement in these areas, which have retained their color, the old houses and parish Church. A flat-screen TV (the founding date is the end of the 16th century).

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