Nagano Live Cam, Japan – Omachi area

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The city is located in the central part of the country, it is distinguished by the presence of the highest mountain ranges in Japan (Hotaka, Jari, Kiso and Akaishi Mountains), between which the flow turbulent mountain rivers, the largest of which – Hime, Tikuma and Kiso. This kind of landscape affected the climatic conditions. In summer it is pretty cool and the winters are always cold and snowy.

The city has always been very attractive in the commercial and military terms, because it connects the eastern and western parts of the country. Since the 1998 Nagano was elected to host the Olympic Games, the city’s main attractions are just sports facilities. This modern high-tech facilities that will win the heart of any sportsman. There are also several old churches, among which stands out Zenkō-ji was founded in the 7th century. Its construction lasted until the 18th century, its beauty and grandeur of the church simply has no equal.

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