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In Mumbai is to visit the Elephanta island, the famous caves with images of Shiva and visit the area of Cala Year, which contains most of the city’s galleries and museums. Located near Prince of Wales Museum with a very interesting collection of art from Gandhara, Mughal miniatures, porcelain and weapons. Part of the compulsory programme is considered local to the Fort with three of his famous buildings: the Supreme court, the University and Grand Victoria, much more like a Palace than a station. On the Malabar hill, located picturesque Hanging gardens, the temple of the God of sand Valkeshvara, Zoroastrian “towers of silence”, religious sources Banganga-Tank and caves Jogeshwari.

In addition, in Bombay and enough entertainment for the originals: half a day to dig in deposits of tempting stuff at the flea market of Chor Bazaar, or go for the shocking photos in Dhobi Ghat. This quarter, consisting entirely of small concrete baths in which to wash clothes at the same time thousands of laundresses. Wash, I must say, unusual for a European method: soap and beat the clock on a sharp edge of the special stone, so the clothes washed to an incredible cleanliness, but ordinary shirt can withstand only a few of these “washings”. Laundress leave a strong impression, but the pictures of their best from the railway bridge: tourists are not welcome here. Another interesting destination is the largest city in the Crawford market. In addition to its exceptionally wide range, it is notable that in his time within its walls used to walk accompanied by a nanny a little Rudyard Kipling.

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