Moss, Port Live Cam, Norway

Category: Cams, Norway

Moss is a city-commune in the South-East of Norway with a population of 29 thousand inhabitants, situated on the banks of the Oslofjord. It’s industrial, commercial and cultural center with a large Harbor, receiving annually more than 2000 vessels not only from Norway but also from other continents. The city developed shipbuilding, pulp and paper and textile manufacture and production of canned milk. The beginning of economic development of moss was the signing of the Convention on the end of the Danish-Norwegian Kingdom.

14 Jul 2006 local residents found fragments of a large stone meteorite that exploded nearby. It turned out that these finds belong to the rare type of minerals.

In the vicinity of moss is more than 50 beautiful beaches for every taste: sandy, rocky, descending from the hills to the sea, or grassy. In moss there are about 70 sculptures placed throughout the property, therefore it is informally called the City of sculptures.

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