Mosonmagyaróvár Live Cam, Hungary

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The small town of mosonmagyaróvár, but it is not a village. located at the border just off the road from Vienna and Bratislava to Budapest, 40 km from győr. Visit the baths. Ample Parking in front. Cost 110 HUF per hour.

A large thermal complex with indoor and outdoor pools. There are swimming pools with normal water, 28-30 degrees outside and indoor. There are 2 pools with healing thermal water of 36-38 degrees with jets, hard-hitting from the floor, and seats (namely). These therapeutic pools are shallow, 85 see The water is strong concentrated slightly yellowish, transparent with a rubber and oil smell. Reminds Zalakaros. There is just thermal Bassani on the street with jets such as a Jacuzzi, loungers with bubbles, mushrooms, and jet-waterfall. All jets work on schedule, replacing each other. Slides, rivers and other children’s entertainment is not found. The complex is more suitable for middle aged people.Moson Danube, a charming well-kept houses and stylish villas in a residential area opposite the Spa Park. Have not tried bean soup with kopchenosti and baked bream in a restaurant on the banks of the river.

This city is considered to be the dental capital of Hungary. There are dozens of Denta-clinics are the best stomalogii Hungary, Austria and even Switzerland. People come from Austria, France, great Britain, Belgium and Holland.

And the thermal water here is very active, very well and quickly acts to reduce inflammation of the joints( personal experience). As spoken, thermal water in its curative qualities is one of the best in Europe. Therefore here often brought buses in Austria and the Czech Republic for rehabilitation.

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