Moskenes, Port Live Cam, Norway

Category: Cams, Norway

Moskenes is a municipality in Nordland County (fylke) in Norway. Is part of the Lofoten region. The commune’s administrative centre is the village of Reine.

The municipality (originally the parish) was named in honor of Moskenes farm (Muskenes — 1567), since there was built the first Church. The value of the first part of the name is unknown, the end — word nes means headland. “Marsh” or “Moss” in English means marsh or swamp, this is probably the name means the Marsh of the Cape.

The modern commune coat of arms. It was adopted on 12 September 1986. The image shows a vortex spiral. Eddies or whirlpools, such as Maelstrom, appear in the channel South of the island during the sea tide, creating a hazard during the passage of the channel

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