Moscow Zoo Live Cam, Russia

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Live streaming webcam shows aviary with polar bears.

Moscow Zoo is one of the largest in Russia. Periodically the old territory runs in a restricted mode and enter the zoo is possible only through new territory with Great Georgian or from the Garden Ring.

To carefully examine the whole territory, it will need more than one day. Therefore, it is desirable to break the visit to the zoo for a few steps.

Be sure to visit individual: House of birds, monkeys House, Exotarium Aquarium sturgeon, Terrarium, exhibition “Night World” pavilion, and “The Wonderful World of Reptiles.” Young children love to treat animals when they are very close to them …

On the territory of the old Zoo elephant opened with a two-story observation deck.

The Zoo held a variety of guided tours and talks, which acquaint visitors with the diversity of wildlife, biology of individual species, the problems of ecology and conservation.

In addition, the zoo hosts regular shows in animal feeding.

For children of all ages work: a circle of young biologists and zoo circle “Manulyata” children’s theater “Tik-Tak” and a drama school with him, a children’s art studio “COLOR”, and Pony Club.

By appointment runs for visiting the Museum of the history of the zoo.

At the zoo has a “Children’s Zoo” also for the little ones, in which the children are faced with animals – different characters of Russian folk tales.

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