Moscow Live Cam, Russia – Rogozhskaya Zastava Square

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Live streaming webcam of Rogozhskaya Zastava Square in Moscow.

Rogozhskaya Zastava is the area in the center of Moscow to the Collegiate Chamber shaft. Located in the Tagansky district between the streets of St. Sergius of Radonezh, Zolotorozhsky Val Rogozhsky Val School, and the International Working and Boulevard of Enthusiasts. On the square are the “Rome” metro station and “Lenin Square”.

Modern area includes the territory of the former Rogozhskaya Hay (Hay) Square and Rogozhskaya Zastava called for existing here in the XVIII century Rogozhskaya outpost Collegiate Chamber shaft.

Zastava was called on to be here in the XVI century Rogozhskaya Yamskaya Sloboda, which serves the population of transportation on the road leading to the village of matting (later City Bogorodsk, now Noginsk). Haymarket Square was called due to the fact that it sold the hay. Rogozhskaya Hay area in 1919 was renamed the area Ilyich (Lenin on the patronymic VI).

Area Rogozhskaya Zastava in 1923 renamed the I Am Twenty area, and in 1955 included in Ilyich Square. In 1994 the area returned the historic name – the area Rogozhskaya Zastava.

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