Moscow Live Cam, Russia – Yenisei street

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Yenisei street – a street in the north-east of Moscow in Babushkinsky area Sviblovo and North Medvedkovo North-Eastern Administrative District Ostashkovskaya between the street and the street pilots Babushkin. One of the major highways and the longest street in Babushkinskiy district.

The general direction – from south to north. It starts from the street Grandma pilots in the vicinity of Severyaninskogo overpass separating Prospekt Mira and Yaroslavskoe highway. Then Urzhum street crosses the street, Bering Passage, New Bering Passage, Upper Yana and Rainbow Street, Sparks Street, the street Chicherina Pechora street, Lena Street. At the intersection of the street with the Yenisei street Menzhinsky is Babushkinskaya metro station.

Then cross the street Starovatutinsky and winding passages, the river Yauza (Yenisey Bridge Street), travel Shokalski and, finally, a wide street, where it merges with Ostashkovskaya street. Continues how Ostashkovskaya Ostashkovskoe street and highway. It is the longest street in the Babushkinskiy District – about 4.5 km.

Street two-way all along: first, has two lanes in each direction, and after the New Bering passage to the end – three.

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