Moscow Live Cam, Russia – Star Boulevard

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Star Boulevard – Street tabloid type in the north of Moscow, in the Ostankino district of the North-Eastern Administrative District; between Prospect Mira and Novomoskovskaya street. Star Boulevard consists of two lanes separated by a wide public garden (about 120 m).

A feature of the Star Boulevard is that the movement of the Peace Avenue to the street Zander – left hand, and on the streets to Zander Novomoskovskaya street – right hand.

Named January 31, 1964 at a location near the monument “To the Conquerors of Space”. It is located in an area where the names are grouped on the topic of space exploration. Part of the northern directions Boulevard formerly known as 1st Novoostankinskaya street. It originated in 1928 with the building of new settlement Ostankino.

Boulevard is formed at the site concluded in 1964 in the pipe Kopytovki river. At the beginning of the boulevard and see the coastal slopes of Southern Boulevard, travel a few meters above the north. South Passage Boulevard is built up in the 1950s, and the north – in the 1961-1963 five-story and eight-story buildings on the site of the former village of New Ostankino. The nine-residential building (№ 5), built in 1964 by the Finnish project, was the first in the USSR House of panels made on vibroprokatnom camp.

On the boulevard passes power line to the transformer electrical substation “Rostokino”.

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