Moscow Live Cam, Russia – Sokolniki, Sculpture Fairy accountant

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Sokolniki – Park in the district of Sokolniki in the north-east of Moscow, in the south limited Sokolniki Val, from the east – Bogorodskoye Highway north – Rostokinskiy passing through, from the west – the Yaroslavl railway line.

In winter, in the magazine “Chief Accountant” there was a table on which miniature figurines of clay were placed. These were a few models of sculptures dedicated to the accounting profession. Dozens of well-known sculptors at the invitation of “Glavbukh” took part in the tender for the best sculpture for accountants. Of course, not without stereotypes – a desk with a thick ledger, brooding stooping uncles in armlets. It has been proposed multicolored installations with mysterious lighting. Shimmering universal calculator. Concepts were very different – from the allegories of ancient Greece to the modern abstractions using new technologies.

We discussed a lot, showed the sketches to officials and accountants familiar, invented additional details. As a result, the basis for the approved sculpture became iridescent in the sun pyramid is 2.4 m high. And the heart of this design has become a fairy.

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