Moscow Live Cam, Russia – Sokolniki, Sand alley

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Today, Sokolniki Park – a unique natural complex, a park and public culture, garden-park pattern of creation and one of the most popular attractions of Moscow. The park covers a large area – 600 hectares, and more than half of them – it’s green spaces.

Walk from the main entrance leads to the Sokolniki circle, and from it a semicircle drawn 8 lanes. Along each alley planted with trees of one particular species: linden, elm, oak, ash, birch, spruce, pine and others.

Sokolniki Park has always been famous for a large number of colors and their own flower gardens. The number of roses in small and large flower garden in different periods falls short of 30 thousand bushes, more than 100 species. Also there is a matt Lilac and gardens, garden astronomers.

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