Moscow Live Cam, Russia – Sokolniki, Pavilion №3

Category: Cams, Russia

Sokolniki Exhibition activities began in 1959, when there took place the American national exhibition “Industrial US products,” which became the first international event, demonstrating achievement of the West in the Soviet Union. Pavilions have been used for other thematic exhibitions

A third structure was a circular building in the plan tsirkoramy. It was designed to show movies. Screens encircled the auditorium, forming a closed circular panorama. The building was dismantled soon after the close of the exhibition.

In the 1960s in the “Sokolniki” park started construction of new exhibition halls.

Old-timers remember the extraordinary events in the early 1970s: in one of the pavilions thundered a loud explosion. Generally, fires in Sokolniki happens quite often – burning wooden buildings, stage, at the beginning of the 1980s, a pillar of fire rose above the restaurant “Prague”. This fire for a long time could not extinguish, from the restaurant were the ruins.

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