Moscow Live Cam, Russia – Sokolniki, Pavilion №2

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The first exhibition in the “Sokolniki” was held in 1959. This was an American national exhibition “Industrial US products,” which became the first international event, demonstrating achievement of the West in the Soviet Union. The exhibition was opened Khrushchev and US Vice-President Richard Nixon. The exhibition was a historical event known as the “kitchen debate” Nixon and Khrushchev in Hall number 2 at the booth of General Electric (modern kitchen), of the advantages of the Soviet and the American way of life and their material expression.

This was a very important event in the “Iron Curtain” separating the Soviet Union from the West, a hole has been done. For two weeks the exhibition was visited by about one million Soviet people (the figure is questionable and it seems pretty excessive, but who knows). The excitement was great, everyone wanted to take a look at the vaunted American way of life, take a sip of Pepsi-Cola and chew bubble gum.

Architectural “nail” the exhibition hall was the round domed structure, built on a system developed by the famous American architect and engineer Richard Fuller. This domed structure made of steel, duralumin and glass had a diameter of 64 m and a height of 30 m. The dome rests on an arch of steel tubes placed along the perimeter.

The golden dome of the central pavilion looked like folded from a variety of crystals. This architectural effect created by the fact that the dome is assembled from individual “shells” – rhomboid anodized duralumin sheets bent in the longitudinal direction.

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