Moscow Live Cam, Russia – Sokolniki, May glades

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May glades (up to 1940 (or until 1928) – The May Avenue; earlier also – May avenue) – glades, located in the Eastern Administrative District of Moscow in the district of Sokolniki.

Prosek received its present name in 1940 (according to other sources – in 1928), was called before May prospectus given by the May festivities, held in Sokolniki from the XVIII century. By order of Peter I in those days in the grove was cut Falconer May alley. Peter I the day of the spring is arranged on May 1 feast for his friends from the village Kukui – foreign craftsmen and artisans, were covered with special tables, arranged the wine and snacks to them.

May glades runs through the park “Sokolniki” from the directions Sokolniki Circle in the north-east, crosses Mitkovskaya travel passes between Upper and Lower Maisky ponds (located west and east of the glade, respectively), and then passes to Bogorodsky highway, beyond which continues as Deer passage. Throughout the glades is a larch alley. The numbering of the houses starts from the Sokolniki directions Circle.

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