Moscow Live Cam, Russia – Sokolniki, Dance Veranda

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Sokolniki – Park in the district of Sokolniki in the north-east of Moscow, in the south limited Sokolniki Val, from the east – Bogorodskoye Highway north – Rostokinskiy passing through, from the west – the Yaroslavl railway line.

In XIV-XV centuries. on the site of the present park “Sokolniki” was a thick virgin forest. The forest held Stromynsky road from Moscow through the village Cherkizovo Stromyn, lying 60 km to the east, and the city of Suzdal. According to legend, in this way in 1382, when Khan came to Moscow Tokhtamysh, he went north to collect army Dmitry Donskoy.

In the XV century. Moscow Sokolniki area was the site of the Grand falconry, was particularly widespread in the XVII century., during the reign of Alexei Mikhailovich. In Sokolniki loved pastime of Emperor Peter I and Alexander I. Here young kings staged noisy receptions for friends. Subsequently Sokolniki became a place of the traditional festivals of the Moscow nobility and the people.

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