Moscow Live Cam, Russia – Sokolniki, Big rosary

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Big rosary “Sokolniki” Park was created in place of the decorative nursery. The first roses were planted in 1953. The opening of the rosary is confined to the VI World Festival of Youth (1957).
Disposition of the main part of the rosary regularly, divided into geometric modules; peripheral part is solved in a free landscape style.

In the center, at the intersection of the longitudinal and transverse axes is a round area with a fountain and a pool, which bloom pink nymphs.

A huge role in creating the composition of the rosary belongs to a theatrical designer and architect A.A.Shukshinoy, which built his great composition of the plant on the principles of color, skillfully using natural colors, the architecture of crowns, the texture of the leaves.

A breeding, cultivation of unique varieties of plants in the mother garden belongs to the remarkable specialist hands and fanatical collector N.V.Lomakinoy plants.

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