Moscow Live Cam, Russia – Ostankino district

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Ostankino district – an area in Moscow, located in the North-Eastern Administrative District. On the territory is Ostankino TV tower, monorail passes. After joining THEOS “Sheremetyevsky” includes the VVC and Botanical Garden of Russian Academy of Sciences. Areas in accordance intracity municipal unions “Ostankino”.

On the territory of the Ostankino district of many names linked to the history of space exploration: The streets of Academician Korolev, Kondratyuk, Zander named in honor of the pioneers in space, and here is a house-museum of academician SP Korolev.

In the Ostankino district has two outpatient clinics, 10 schools (including school № 1783 “Moscow Cadet Corps Heroes of Space”), 10 kindergartens, three establishments of secondary vocational education. The area has ENEA. It opened in 1939. In the same year there is a sculpture “Worker and Collective Farm Girl”, is embedded for an exhibition in Paris from the USSR. Author sculpture – Vera Mukhina.

In 2012, there opened a museum of sculpture “Worker and Collective Farm Girl”.

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