Moscow Live Cam, Russia – Mozhayskoe highway

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Mozhayskoe highway in Moscow, in the district “Mozhajskij” Western Administrative District, part of the M1 Moscow – Minsk – Brest.

The numbering of the houses starts from the Kutuzovsky Prospect.

Highway all along the boundaries of Moscow has four lanes in each direction and one lane in the middle, intended for the movement of government motorcades.

The highway is named for the ancient Mozhaiskaya road that led to the city of Mozhaisk, which the XIII century guarded the western approaches to Moscow.

Mozhayskoe existed as a historical road from Moscow to the west from the XV century. From the middle of the XVIII century began from Dorogomilov gate Collegiate Chamber shaft. In the second half of the XIX century it is called the highway. In 1925, the city was founded Kuntsevo for which the highway has become both the main street and the road linking with Moscow.

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