Moscow Live Cam, Russia – Mitino, Pyatnickoe highway

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Mitino – Moscow region, located outside Moscow. Included in the North-Western Administrative District. The district operates the same name intracity municipal unions. The region became part of Moscow in 1985. The area of mass building.

Until 1991 was part of the Tushino district of Moscow. The name of the Moscow district Mitino received from the village, which became a part of Moscow in 1985.

The highway was named in the direction of the village on Friday at the Istra reservoir. In ancient times it was called Big Volotskaya road and passes through the watershed of rivers and Baryshiha Vskhodnya (Skhodnya), led in Volokolamsk. With the foundation in 1656 the Voskresensky New Jerusalem Monastery in Volokolamsk path moved to the south, and the old road lost its former importance, finally coming into decline after the construction in 1935 of the Istra reservoir.

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