Moscow Live Cam, Russia – Highway Enthusiasts – from the intersection of the 3rd ring

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Highway Enthusiasts – Highway in Moscow, between the area Rogozhskaya Zastava and Moscow, as well as portions of the M7 highway in the precincts of Balashikha and Noginsk. Until 1919 was called Vladimir, as it is the beginning of the road to Vladimir and later in Siberia (now the federal highway M-7 “Volga”).

In 1919 at the initiative of Lunacharskii highway named after enthusiasts dedicated revolutionaries and political prisoners who had been sent into exile by the tsarist government and to follow this road.

Along the highway in the XIX century and during the Soviet time, large industrial enterprises have been established with the workers’ settlements (eg Dangauerovka). By the 1960s, meaning rename many Muscovites forgotten, the name was perceived as a Soviet “hymn to optimism.”

For a large part of the highway adjacent Izmailovo forest park.

Plot highway from Novogireevskaya street to the Free Avenue extending between the Izmailovo forest park on the north and Terletskii wooded park from the south, was known as “Death Valley” – due to the large number of accidents with serious consequences. (Mainly – head-on collisions) [citation Unknown 1649 days] Since 2014 the greater part of the highway (including on said “Death Valley”) counter flows divided strikers.

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