Moscow, Butovo District Live Cam, Russia

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веб камера в Бутово, Москва
Watch live stream of Butovo, Skobelevskaya street.

Butovo is Moscow’s historic district, south of Moscow. Administratively divided into two areas – North and South Butovo included in the Southwest Administrative District.

Butovo is a “bedroom community” favorable ecological situation which is due to lack of business and the prevailing wind rose from the Moscow region. The area is surrounded by Bitsa forest, in the district there is a park, ravine, and there is a botanical garden VILAR that contributes to the preservation of favorable ecological situation in comparison with other areas of Moscow.

Neighborhood Yuzhnoye Butovo was formed in 1991, and in 1994 he began his mass building, whose main objective is not only to create comfortable living conditions for Muscovites in the new apartments, but also giving a modern architectural appearance, including elements raznoetazhnogo and cottage construction.

Neighborhood Yuzhnoye Butovo is considered “sleeping.” A small number of industrial enterprises, as well as on the proximity of large forest areas can be attributed to the area of ​​one of the most ecologically safe in Moscow, and, therefore, attractive to use areas.

The district takes several rivers – Gvozdyanka (inflow Pakhra) Chechёra (inflow Gypsy) Lopenka (inflow Pakhra) and Gypsy (before the merger with Chechёroy also known as Smelt; influx of gums).

The district has 36 schools, 44 kindergartens, 7 health centers and other social infrastructure.

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