Mohács, on the river Danube, the Pier Live Cam Hungary

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Mohács is a town in Baranya County in Hungary, situated on the right Bank of Danube river, 40 km East of Pес. Opposite the town is an island.

The city covers an area 112,23 km, with a population of 19 129 residents.

In Mohács every year is a traditional holiday Busojaras. On Turkey hill road is a memorial Mohacsi battle, which impresses with its wrought-iron gates, stone rose, black pine forest, planted from the attacks of the Turks. The Park is surrounded by ten thousand yews. It is located five mass graves with wooden tombstones resembling human and horse figures.

Tourists can visit the exhibition “Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian national minority area Barania” and see the interesting costumes and textiles

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