Mohács Live Cam, Hungary

Category: Cams, Hungary

Mohacs – South-gate of the Danube of Hungary, the city, which represent the sorrowful date in Hungarian history, the battle of Mohacs.

It happened on 29 August 1526, when killed 20,000 Hungarian soldiers and heads of the rebels the king Lajos II.

In Mohacs is unusual Shrovetide carnival about seeing off winter and welcoming spring. Carnival of clowns has turned into a cheerful holiday attracts thousands of tourists. During the procession, accompanied by people Busho” dressed in scary sheepskins, stuffed with straw, with wooden masks on the faces and in the support of children “was” shaking in pantyhose feathers and sawdust – taken out of a medieval cannon with a loud shots. After sunset on the main square having a big bonfire and burn the “winter”, which represents a straw figure.

According to the tradition of the carnival, Bucho”, the Turks expelled the men, wearing frightening masks and skins. However, anthropologists believe that this custom comes from ancient times and is associated with the cult of fertility.

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