Maruko Live Cam, Japan – Volcano Asama

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Asama – the current complex volcano located in the central part of the island of Honshu, Japan. Height – 2568 meters. A strong eruption was in 1783 that destroyed 48 villages and 10 thousand. Man. February 2, 2009 eruption of the volcano, which resulted in part of Tokyo was strewn with ashes.

Island conditionally divided into five regions and contains 34 prefectures, including Tokyo. Chugoku regions (western), Kansai (south, east of Chugoku), Chubu (central), Kanto (eastern) and Tohoku (northern). Also included in these prefectures includes some smaller islands, the most notable of them Ogasawara islands, Sado, Izu-Oshima and Awaji.

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