Martigny Live Cam, Switzerland

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Martigny – a French-speaking city in the canton of Valais. The city is located in the south-west of Switzerland, at the foot of the Swiss Alps, close to the mountain passes leading to France and Italy.

Martigny is located at an altitude of 471 m, about 33 km south-southeast of Montreux. It is located on the eastern edge of the Rhone Valley, at the foot of the Swiss Alps, and is located at the point where the south-west over the Rhone turns 90 degrees to the north and goes to the confluence of Lake Geneva. Drancy River flows down from the Alps and flows into the Rhone here.

History continues Martigny 2000 years: the trace left by Celtic tribes, Romans and Napoleon’s troops. The restored Roman amphitheater, temples, residential areas and the thermal baths can be found in Martigny today. In addition, Martin was the residence of the first bishop in Switzerland. The city preserved historic districts of La Batyaz and Vieux-Bourg, with its churches and secular buildings.

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