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What many of us know about Luxembourg? What is a tiny country with the same capital, which was lost in the “patchwork quilt” of Europe. One of the German dialect of Luxembourg means “small town”. Basically, the way it is. Although the people themselves call it the great Duchy. However, the small size of the country did not prevent her to be one of the richest in Europe with the highest level of life and income levels to take 4th place in the world.

Although Luxembourg has a large number of attractions, the area is easy to walk. The state included in the Union of Benelux (with Belgium and the Netherlands), therefore, as a rule, tourists visit the Duchy as part of a tour to the allied States.

Here’s how you can make a route around the main sights of the Grand Duchy. It would be logical to start with the Luxembourg capital. It is small in size, and lives here half of the population.

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