Loreto, Gulf of California Live Cam, Mexico

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Loreto is a town and municipality in Mexico, included in the state of Baja California sur. 11 a population of 812 people.

The official name of the Free and Sovereign State of Baja California sur state of Mexico, located South of Baja California. In the North it borders with the state of Baja California North. 2100 kilometers of coastline on the West and South is washed by waters of the Pacific ocean, on the East by the waters of the Gulf of California Pacific ocean.

Stretches from 28° to 22° North latitude.The climate of the state is subtropical, of the territory is Nizhnesaldinsky desert, the result is that this state is the most sparsely populated in Mexico. Moderate winds from the Pacific ocean and the cold California current make the climate along the Pacific coast pleasant year round. Rains a little. The cold oceanic California current is often caused by thick fog on the coast. In the mountains there is the Alpine climate. The summers are cool and winters can be cold and the night temperatures frequently fall below 0 °C. In the mountains it often falls and doesn’t melt snow from December to April. The Eastern side of the Peninsula is very arid. Further South along the coast, the arid climate remains, but it becomes softer and not so hot. Rainfall is low, on average 300-600 mm per year. On the Islands in the Gulf of California — desert

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