Locarno Live Cam, Switzerland – Mountain View

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Locarno – a city in the south of Switzerland. Located in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino on the northern shore of Lake Maggiore. The city is known for conducting to it an annual film festival.

The first settlement on the site of today Locarno mentioned in the chronicles dates back to the year 789. Since 1342 the city was part of the Duchy of Milan, and after its collapse, since 1516 – belonged to the Swiss Union. In the last century, after the First World War there was a famous Locarno Conference, determine the status of borders in Europe.

Climate Locarno – soft, here the largest in Switzerland, the number of sunny days per year. In the city there are many sub-tropical parks and scenic areas Priozernaya.

The city is known for being underway there since 1946, the annual August Film Festival Locarno International Film Festival, one of the five most important in Europe, arranged outdoors on Piazza Grande. The main prize of the festival – “Golden Leopard» (Pardo d’oro).

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