Liepaja Live Cam, Latvia

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The third largest Latvian city of Liepaja the locals called “the place where the wind is born”. Perhaps the wind is not born, but the thousands of pebbles of amber, used to make the world’s longest amber necklace. Many memorable places or architectural structures associated with the Russian Empire: here is the house where Peter I, and ancient roadways, or recreational areas, where the rest of the members of the Royal family. However, Liepaja — the modern city: here is a unique rock café, and annually celebrated festivals of classical and rock music.

In Liepaja is one of the best beaches on the shores of the Baltic sea. Here fine Golden and white sand with the soft transition in the sea. The width of the beach sometimes reaches up to 70 meters. The beach has received the Blue flag for their uniqueness and grooming. By the way, in the days of Imperial Russia Liepaja sand, almost no filtering, used as a material for an hourglass.

Along the coastal line stretches seaside Park Jūrmalas. It was planted in the second half of the 19th century, and since then, its territory was increased to 50 hectares, and among trees and shrubs there are more than 140 different varieties. In the early 20th century there was created a recreation area with swimming, Spa and fountain. Later the Park was built with luxury villas. Today the centre is open for free access for everyone.

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