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Kumamoto – Japan’s central city, the administrative center of the homonymous prefecture of Kumamoto. Located on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu, in the Shirakawa River. Distance from Nagasaki is 70 km air traffic.

Kumamoto economy has diversified trend. It is the chemical industry and electronics, light industry, paper and pharmaceutical industries. Also thriving agricultural areas: production of tobacco and rice. The important role played by arts and crafts. Kumamoto with three universities and is the scientific and educational center.

The main tourist sites of the capital of the prefecture of Kumamoto – famous castle Crow. Around him the city’s history is tied 15-19 centuries. In its place it was originally Fortova strengthening, but in 1607 the fort grew to the castle-fortress of sizes. They owned the Hosokawa clan. Since 1873, the castle lost its importance and is now used as a museum.

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