Kristianstad Live Cam, Sweden

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Kristianstad – a town in southern Sweden in the county of Skåne. Kristianstad is the lowest point in Sweden – 2.41 meters below sea level. Because of this, part of the city should be protected from flooding by levees and pumps bulk system.

The city was founded by King Christian IV of Denmark in 1614. In order to promote its development, they were deprived urban privileges neighboring cities Be (1614) and the Ahus (1617). Himself Kristianstad such privileges were granted only in 1622.

The main purpose of the construction of the city was to ensure the protection of the Danish province Skåne from the Swedes. From 1719 to 1997 the city was the center of the county Kristianstad. He now serves as the administrative center of the commune Kristianstadskoy.

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