Kremenchug Live Cam, Ukraine – Lenin Street

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Kremenchug – a city in central Ukraine, the administrative center of Kremenchug district (not included in its composition) Poltava region. Comprising Avtozavodsky and Kryukiv areas. Located on the Dnieper River.

Kremenchuk was supposedly founded in 1571. The name Kremenchuk is explained as deriving from the word “kremen” – chert (a mineral) because the city is located on a giant chert plate. An alternative explanation says that “Kremenchuk” is the Turkish for “small fortress”.

From its situation at the southern terminus of the navigable course of the Dnieper, and equally advantageous positioning on the crossway from Muscovy to the Black Sea, it acquired a great commercial importance early on, and by 1655, it was a wealthy Cossack town. In 1625, at Lake Kurukove in Kremenchuk, the Treaty of Kurukove was signed between the Cossacks and the Poles.

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