Koszeg Live Cam Hungary

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Kőszeg — preserved historical character of the city on the Western border of Hungary, in the counties Your. Kőszeg is situated in the Western-Transdanubian region is almost on the border with Austria, about 220 km West of Budapest, and 20 kilometres North-West of the capital of the County of Szombathely. Through the city passes the road Szombathely — Wiener Neustadt — Vienna. The city is situated on the banks of a small river Dientes at the foot of the highest mountain of Western Hungary — Irottko. Hungary is a country in Central Europe, bordered by Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.

Almost in the middle of Hungary crosses the Danube river, to the East flows the other river Tisza; both run North to South. Equally divided the total area of the country of lowlands and mountains of medium height.

A large part of the right Bank of the Danube is a hilly plain — Transdanubia crossed by a band of limestone mountains with a plateau-like arrays and a height of 400-700 m. Along the North-Eastern border of Hungary stretches higher mountains, reaching maximum values in the mátra. Here is located the highest point of Hungary — you can get to the mountain (1015 m).

To the West of the Danube is lake Balaton — the largest not only in Russia but throughout Central Europe. This is the warmest lake in the region.

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