Kobe Live Cam, Japan – Street

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Kobe – one of the major Japanese ports and a major center of international trade, since the VIII century, as well as the main city of Hyogo Prefecture at the moment. On the way to the former capital of Kyoto, Kobe was considered an important transport and trade center. The city flourished production of sake. On the other hand, Kobe thanks to three Shinto shrines Ikuta, Nagata and Minatogawa had a reputation as a major religious center. For approximately six months in 1180 Kobe even served as the capital city and served as a temporary home to the emperor Antoku. In the early Meiji period Hyogo Port was one of the first to open to international trade.

During the earthquake in January 1995, the city was almost completely destroyed and had to be rebuilt. The earthquake has been called the great and got the “name” Hanshin.

Neighborhood Kitano Idzinkan built up houses in the western style. Here in the XIX century, foreign merchants built their houses in the architectural traditions of the countries, there is also a Russian merchant house Parashutina. The area is an open air museum, there are about 30 buildings, some of which are open to tourists.

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