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Klädesholmen – a small town in the commune of Chёrnskoy county Västra Götaland (Bohuslän, Sweden). It is located on two islands – klädesholmen and Kuholmen – at the south-western tip of o.Chёrn.

Already in 1594 Bishop Jens Nilsson mentioned klädesholmen like an old fishing village. Like most island communities in the area, it gave impetus to the development of herring coming to the shores of Bohuslän in the 1748-1808 years. During this period, its population has increased considerably and, above all due to the seasonal workers engaged in salting of fish and blubber vataplivaniem. In 1793, in klädesholmen on private donations the church was built, which today is the oldest existing church in the commune.

In 1808, the herring was gone, and by 1830 klädesholmen population was only three hundred residents.

The new town has experienced growth in 1861, when two of its residents learned that the fish has a near Storeggena (Aalesund). As a result, many ships went to Norway. When at the end of the XIX century herring bohuslenskomu again came to the coast, in the beginning of spring klädesholmen industry for its processing.

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