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Kitakyushu – city, a certain decree of the Government of Japan, located in the north of the island of Kyushu and adjacent to the Strait of Shimonoseki. Administratively, the city is divided into 7 areas.

Kitakyushu is located in the north of the island of Kyushu, on the bank of the Japanese Inland Sea, in Fukuoka Prefecture, and gradually integrated into the industrial region of Fukuoka. It was formed in 1963 through the merger of cities Moji, Kokura, Tobata, Yahata and Wakamatsu.

Kitakyushu is the largest city in Kyushu, its industrial heart. It is a major center of steel (corporation Nippon Steel), the electronic and electrical industry, the production of robots. Large port, Kitakyushu is also an important link between the islands of Honshu and Kyushu.

With Kitakyushu border following cities and communities Prefecture Fukuoka Nakama, Nogat, yukuhashi, Asia, Mitsumaki, Kurata, Kawara, Bladder, Kanda, Miyako.

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