Kaunas Live Cam, Lithuania

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Kaunas is the second largest and significant city of Lithuania was founded in 1280 at the confluence of two largest Lithuanian rivers: Nemunas and Neris. Now it is an important industrial and cultural center with a population of about 400 thousand people.

Kaunas locals call a “hotbed of mafia”, the tourist enjoy his turbulent life and abundance of attractions. The city itself looks at the bustle around himself with the calmness and wisdom of the elder: in a long and rich history that only he has ever seen.

Legend has it that Kaunas, located 100 km West of Vilnius, was founded by young lovers with a tragic destiny. Beautiful virgin Milda took the Sacred fire to his beloved Daugerutis, but the “happy ending” did not happen: young people were killed by the angry gods, but managed to give birth to Kaunas.

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