Kagoshima Live Cam, Japan – View of the volcano Sakurajima

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Kagoshima – Japan’s central city, the administrative center and the largest locality Kagoshima Prefecture. For location on the bay at the foot stratovolcano Sakurajima, as well as the hot climate of the city is often called the “Naples of the East”.

Sakurajima The name translates from Japanese as “cherry island”. It covers an area of ​​77 square kilometers, and its altitude is 1118 m. From the middle of the last millennium, the inhabitants of the territories adjacent to the volcano repeatedly suffered from violent eruptions. The largest of them occurred in January 1914. Then, hundreds of people were killed and millions splashed out of his bowels cubic meters of lava blocked half a kilometer strait that separated from Sakurajima island of Kyushu. The resulting isthmus width of 72 meters connected to the volcano Osumi peninsula.

Since 1955, Sakurajima is active constantly, throwing ash into the atmosphere and spreading the peculiar smell of burning. Despite this, the inhabitants of the surrounding areas are not in a hurry to leave their seats, and even profiting from the troubled neighborhood. Thanks Ash, generously fertilized land at the foot of the volcano, there is a large crop of vegetables and fruit. The most unusual of them – daikon radish, which tubers reach tridtsatikilogrammovogo weight, and the most tiny – about the size of a coin – tangerines in the world.

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