Izhevsk Live Cam, Russia

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Izhevsk – a city in Russia, capital of the Udmurt Republic. Major economic and cultural center of the region, known in the country and the world for its defense, engineering and metallurgical industry. The city is located on the Izh River, 40 km from its confluence with the Kama. Izhevsk is located at a distance of 1129 km from the capital of Russia.

The first settlement on the site of modern Izhevsk appeared in III-V centuries AD It is to that period, scientists include two fortified settlement, the remains of which were found on the banks of the river Karlutki near the sanatorium “Metallurg”. Settlements treated Mazuninskoy culture and were typical of the era of the early Middle Ages: their wooden buildings protected log walls, ramparts and ditches, as well as the steep cliffs leading down to the river.

The second famous archaeological monument in Izhevsk, Izhevsk cemetery, located on a hill Vshivaya – in the place where now stand the Palace of children’s (youthful) creativity and wooden houses along the street militia, at the confluence of the river Podborenki in Izhevsk pond. In 1957 on this place by archaeologists under the direction of VF Gening was discovered a number of tombs belonging to the IV-V centuries. Later burial excavated expedition led by TI Ostanina.

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