Ibaraki Live Cam, Japan

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Ibaraki – prefecture, located in the Kanto region on Honshu island, Japan. Prefectural Administration Center – the city of Mito. In Ibaraki Prefecture, located 32 cities and 7 districts (10 towns and two villages).

Ibaraki Prefecture is the northeastern part of the Kantō region, stretching between Tochigi Prefecture and the Pacific Ocean and bounded on the north and south by Fukushima Prefecture and Chiba Prefecture. It also has a border on the southwest with Saitama Prefecture. The northernmost part of the prefecture is mountainous, but most of the prefecture is a flat plain with many lakes.

Since it borders the city Suite, Takatsuki, Minor, and Pizza village Toyone.

Ibaraki’s industries include energy, particularly nuclear energy, production, as well as chemical and precision machining industries. The Hitachi company was founded in the Ibaraki city of the same name.

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