Iasi Live Cam Romania – Hotel Unirea

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The city of Iasi is famous as the winner of more than 120 architectural and historical landmarks. In all the centuries of its existence each ruler erected a Palace, temple or other monument, turning in Iasi, a city-Museum. But it’s not academic historical place, beautiful and romantic city with quiet streets and picturesque parks.

Moldovan Romanian past and present have created a unique mixture of architectural styles in the city and the extraordinary richness of diverse attractions.

Once in Iasi monasteries were saved from persecution by Orthodox monks. Gradually the city became the center of Eastern Christians. Today there are over 50 Orthodox churches. Main is Dating back to the XVII century Church, in another Church Three Dioceses with beautiful internal and external decoration. In her Museum in very good condition has been preserved was created in 1640 printing. The most ancient and interesting monument of architecture – Church. Nicholas, where as elsewhere there is an atmosphere of antiquity. The most significant religious building of the country – the Metropolitan Cathedral, where the beautiful Orthodox services.

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