Hyderabad Live Cam, India

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Hyderabad is a large city, the capital of Andhra Pradesh, which is located in the South of India. It was founded by the Mughal ruler Muhammad Quli in the end of XVI – early XVII century and soon became the center of the powerful Sultanate of Golconda.

The city name comes from the nickname of one of the caliphs, Ali Ibn Abu Talib, who was called Haidar, which translated means “lion”.

Hyderabad is an amazing city, full of mysteries and charm. In order to see at least a small part of its most interesting places will take time.

As Hyderabad was a Muslim city, many mosques, like the huge Mecca Masjid – one of the oldest mosques in India. Also, must visit attractions are the Charminar gate is another famous mosque, built to mark the end of plague in Hyderabad. Around it also houses many retail shops and the oldest market of the city – Choady Bazaar.

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