Hollywood Live Cam Los Angeles, California, USA

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Watch live streaming webcams of “Hollywood” inscription is Los Angeles, California.

“Hollywood” inscription, you’ll be surprised is in Hollywood :), on one of the hills in Griffith Park, the north-western outskirts of Los Angeles, California, USA.

This inscription is perhaps the most famous example of advertising signboards, which has become an object of cultural heritage. In 1923, Hollywood decided to advertise a new residential area and hung a sign Hollywoodland, then shortened to Hollywood and became a symbol of the American film industry.

Installing the inscription cost it customers, the publisher of “Los Angeles Times” Harry Chandler 21 thousand dollars. The word «Hollywoodland» night is illuminated by electric lights, the day the white letters were visible from the 40-kilometer distance. Advertising anticipated Hollywoodland and a half years, but the label remained in its place. In 1949, the inscription was repaired and removed the last 4 letters. By that time, Hollywood has turned into a symbol of Los Angeles and the entire entertainment industry. Care of the inscription has taken the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

In 1973 an inscription declared a national historic landmark. By the end of the 1970 inscription dilapidated, and in 1978 the letters had been dismantled. In the same year, a charitable foundation, headed by Hugh Hefner, founder of «Playboy» magazine, raised funds for the overhaul of the sights. The current inscription, composed of white letters of the 15-meter-high and 12-meter-wide, appeared in November 1978. In the manufacture of each letter it took 27,500 dollars. Since then, restoration work was carried out with the help of private donations.

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